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Sunday 27 May 2012

Bang, Crash............

luckily I wasn't standing there to receive the wallop!!!

This happened about half an hour ago, luckily no one or thing was damaged except the wall off which it had fallen. Earlier today hubby managed to flood the place from our shower (luckily again nothing crafty was damaged) so I now need the ceiling and  the wall repaired grrr - it was the only room in the house that was finished!! Better go and break something now for number three!!

Apart from this it's been a gorgeous day. The forecast was for it to be much cooler but in fact it's been the warmest day this weekend so I spent it sitting in the garden reading a book under the sunshade :) 
Luckily I've got ahead with my DT work as I can see my crafting time is going to be severely limited this week and I've a pile of Father's Day cards to make for eldest to raise more money for his trip to Mongolia - it's less than 7 weeks until he goes now - think I'm heading for panic mode!!!

Carol x


  1. Aw Carol, they do say these things are sent to try us! At least no ones hurt. Hugs xx Jan

  2. Oh Carol l do feel for you and your poor hubby is he in the dog house?!! not to worry it's repairable and annoying knowing you had finished this room never mind and like you say no one was hurt and that's was really matters, you'll laugh about it someday........did you smash anything.....?!! hope it isn't too long before it's repaired .......take care:)x

  3. Oh no, I hope your day got better hun, I hate those days where things keep going wrong
    Lindsay xx

  4. Holy crap Carol I have only just finished emailing you and just found your post. You poor thing!!!. So glad that you or no one else was hurt or even in the craft room. So frustrating honey. Also the bathroom being flooded. I really hope that everything is easily fixed. You take care. Hugs Clare xxx

  5. Oh my word Carol, thank goodness you were not sitting there and that no one got hurt, thats quite a pile that came down. Michelle x

  6. So glad no one was hurt and that you had some peaceful time to read. This gives you a chance to reorganize!!! Please post an after picture...

  7. oh my goodness! sounds like a great excuse to get some new things LOL


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