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Saturday 24 October 2015


Good morning all.

Had to use NHS 24 for the first time last night for eldest whose latest tattoo has become infected! Have to say they were very civilised and efficient but a trip to Edinburgh at 3.10am in the morning hadn't figured in hubby's plans for the weekend!

Sharing some more of my family heritage today as I don't have any crafting I can share with you at the moment. I have finally located my maternal Grandfathers medals from WW1. Mum had a box of stuff which had come from her elder sister when she went into a home several years ago...Mum had never looked to see what was in the box and when I did I discovered two of the three medals!

Pip, Squeak but sadly Wilfred is missing although the ribbon is there. 
Pip is the special 1914 Star which was issued to those who served between August and November 1914. Grandad was in the Royal Fleet Auxillary and probably spent a great deal of the war at the Front...we're probably very lucky he came home alive (although he possibly thought differently). The medals have never been worn and I don't think Mum or her siblings ever knew of their existence as Grandad never spoke of the war to anyone. I'm hoping the other medal will turn up somewhere, meanwhile I need to get new ribbons as the originals are falling to pieces. I know we can get a replica made if the original isn't found but it won't be quite the same.

Not sure I'll get to keep these but for now I get to shine them up and restore them to their former glory.....Lest We Forget.


  1. What a fabulous post Carol .. .. I have my Dad's medals from WW2 still in the box they were posted to him in.

    I hope the missing one turns up for you. As you say replica wouldn't be the same.

    Hope your son goes on OK too .. .. that was an early morning trip no-one would want!!

    Time now for folk to catch up on some sleep today no-doubt.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Great momento's to have Carol. I now have my dad's medals from WW11 and hope to get them cleaned and framed..x

  3. A very special post Carol. Barbxx

  4. Thank you for sharing these fabulous medals and a little bit about the history.
    Linda xxx

  5. A wonderful find Carol, they deserve to be restored and displayed with pride. I hope you find the missing one.
    I hope your son is OK.

  6. Hi Carol, great post, and what a find for you, I hope you find the other medal and that you get the ribbons replaced. Hope your son's arm infection clears up quickly, Kate x

  7. fabulous medals carol and great that you have them. i hope the infection clears up fast! hugs rachel x

  8. How cool to have these! It's fascinating to think of the history that went into this. Very neat.

  9. I have all my granddad's medals too, in a metal box with his ration book, photos of him and some of his correspondence and a diary. I love getting them all out and looking at them but no one else in the family were interested in them! I love them.
    Great to have a connection to the past, hope you find the missing medal.

    Hugs Erika. x

  10. Oh how I wish the family still had my dad's and Granddad's medals but alas they were lost along time ago. My mum's dad served in France in WW1 was injured but survived, my dad served most of the second war in Burma he received medals including the Burma Star presented to him and his fellow soldiers by Louis Mountbatten, the last 6 months that he served in the forces was a 6 months stint in Germany, unfortunately, as many did, my dad had a lot of bad memories and rarely ever spoke of his time is the forces, when he was finally demobbed he gave his medals to my oldest brother and sister to play with. I know my second eldest brother has been working on our family tree for quite a few years and believe he may have contacted the military about the medals but not sure how it went. I think medals are a treasure and it is awesome that you still have these thank you for sharing Carol.
    lorraine x

  11. How lovely that you are restoring the medals. I do hope you find the missing one. Hope your son's infection has healed. Michelle x


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