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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Strawberries and Roses!

Good morning all.

Hubby decided we would go strawberry picking yesterday...it did seem a good idea at the time! 9kg of fruit picked and 6kg of it hulled, washed, frozen and bagged later I'm beginning to wonder!!

Thankfully the strawberries are off the ground, I don't think my back could have stood up to bending down to pick! Younger son was happy (not) to serve us but we did get his staff discount. We also got some blackberries. redcurrants and gooseberries. The freezer is going to be full of lots of fodder for making smoothies over winter.

Some more photos of my roses too...top left is Silver Wedding and the other photos are of one plant called Designer Sunset, it's absolutely loaded with blooms....the colours of this are gorgeous and both roses smell divine. I'm keeping all my roses in pots for now until we finally move again...which may or may not be anytime soon!

So very little crafting going on although I did manage to put a coat of paint on the current projects lying on my desk


  1. Your roses look gorgeous and I bet they smell gorgeous too. Enjoy the fruit I do love a smoothie.
    Linda xxx

  2. One can never have enough strawberries Carol and i just LOve roses and these are so pretty...x {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  3. Wow...I showed my little girl your strawberries photos and she's amazed! She loves eating strawberries dip in chocolate. I love your roses Carol. They are so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this awesome post. Keep them coming :) Hugs xx

  4. My mouth is watering at the thought of all that fruit Carol! But a lot of work in the prep for freezing - but you'll appreciate your hard work later on when you are drinking all those fabulous smoothies! Gorgeous roses! My mum loved her rose garden! Hugs Christine x

  5. Lots of lovely fruit in your freezer Carol, the strawberries in our garden have done well this year, unfortunately we have to bend down to pick them though! Still picking blackberries, fortunately we have the cultivated variety so no pricked fingers and no bending down.
    Your roses are beautiful - we don't grow many flowers, hubby is of the opinion that if you can't eat it it's not worth growiing!

  6. We used to go fresh fruit picking with the kids when they were young. It was always a nice day day out and kept them occupied and fed for the day!! The local common also kept us in blackberries which we still go and pick to this day abeit a different common.Next door has apple trees so we get loads of apples too. Good job we like apple and blackberry crumbles through the winter months. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Hi Carol, your roses are gorgeous, you must be really green fingered, I hope they have a fragrance, so many flowers nowadays don't have.
    Love strawberries, my fav fruit, hugs Kate x

  8. the strawberries look fabulous and I love those roses - stunning xx

  9. Great photos Carol! I really should get down to Bellhaven Farm. Those roses look stunning too! I can smell them from here!
    Dawn xx

  10. I wanted to go fruit picking today but my lot just looked at me as if I had two heads....what just when we've got the internet back!
    I guess jam making will have to wait a little longer.
    I hope you had a super time, lovely rose pics too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  11. Super photographs of the strawberries and the beautiful roses. Michelle x


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