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Friday 16 October 2015

Golden Oldie

Good morning all.

Not done an awful lot in the way of crafting this week...started adding info to the family tree and "lost" several hours/days in the process. Wish the clocks would change, I hate the dark mornings and have really felt off kilter since coming home from Italy...I just can't wake up!!! I've ordered one of those Wake Up Light alarm clocks to see if it makes a difference...hate feeling sluggish all day!

We've reached Friday once again so time to pop over to Erika's to share a Golden Oldie. Some more knitting to show you today.

Another matinee jacket knitted for Lora's christening day. Not sure whether this was an old pattern or out of a newer book (new being circa 25 years ago lol). Knitted in 3 ply...always loved working with 3 ply, not sure I have the patience any more! Sadly this has discoloured in places so I'll have to wash it to see whether I can get it clean again.

Domestic goddess duties calling again, I do wish those clean up fairies would pay me a visit! Enjoy your weekend whatever you're up to.


  1. How lovely Carol...it's beautiful ..like you I used to like 3ply but my eyes need chunky knit now xxxx

  2. If you find those clean up fairies will you send them my way when they've finished at yours?!
    A beautiful matinee jacket Carol, what a lovely keepsake too. Lots of work. You are clever.
    Have a super weekend and thank you for joining me in sharing an old crafty project today.

    Hugs Erika. x

  3. Beautiful oldie Carol, loved seeing my lot in hand knitted matinee coats. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. I love this Carol, it is beautiful, love working in 3 ply too. I hope the alarm clock makes a difference. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Linda xxx

  5. This is gorgeous Carol. Both mine had hand knitted matinee coats which my mum knitted for them. I can't knit at all, I have a block when it comes to knitting :/ You are very clever to have made such a lovely patterned coat.

  6. Hi Carol, just so lovely, I be Lora looked a little sweetie in it. I think is is wonderful you still have these gorgeous knits. Shop bought ones wouldn't have lasted so well, Kate x

  7. A fabulous matinee jacket Carol, so pretty. My Mum does all the knitting in our house, I don't have enough patience.
    I hope the new alarm clock works, I hate getting up in the dark as well.

  8. So beautiful , I love hand knitted things. Have you tried oxy powder to help with getting it back to new looking.

  9. Such a beautiful piece Carol, I hope it cleans okay! I've had my knitting pins out lately & am enjoying it after a long break!
    Dawn xx


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